Morning in Ho Chi Minh
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I have been living in Ho Chi Minh for four years. When I was 18, I decided to move from the countryside to the city to enroll in a university.
Now, I am really excited to introduce Ho Chi Minh City which is one of biggest city in Vietnam and it is named after a hero in my country.


Small road in HCMC

Portable Shops

Something special about HO Chi Minh is that there is only one main road but there are many bypaths in it. My sister and I rent a house in a bypath. We have only a narrow way to the main street. This is a quiet path because there are not much motorbikes and cars passing by. But there is always something to see in other streets around where I live. Most of the time, I drive my motorbike or catch a bus to go to school. Every morning I watch many people start their day in the streets. So it is indeed a busy place and a sight to see.  It is easy to know and remember the people from where I live. I cannot know them all by name but I know what work they all do.

Breakfast HCMC

People have little portable shops which are very simple and these are in small carts with a poster or signage and they sell bread in the streets in the morning. They put meat and other ingredients into the bread. You can eat it as you walk on your way to work or school. Other vendors sell instant coffee every morning to earn money. In my opinion, bread stuffed with meat and paired with coffee is the best breakfast for the people living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Trash Collectors

People place their garbage in front of their houses. Two or three times a day, the trash collectors will sweep them with big brooms and dispose them in a cart. After that they will segregate the biodegradable trash from those that can be recycled so that these can be sold for a little money such as plastic bottles. The streets are always clean because the trash collectors maintain cleanliness and order at all times.

The Traffic

IMG 5616 1 300x200 - MORNINGS IN HO CHI MINH
Traffic in HCMC

Ho Chi Minh’s streets are never hushed, and always full of activity. There are only few cars, or bicycles but there are plenty of motorbikes. Some people in their motorbikes hurry on their way to wherever they want to go and this causes during rush hours. 50 years ago, there were more bicycles, the streets were clean and calm compared to the present. In fact, Ho Chi Minh is a lively metropolis. But you should be cautious and always take care when you get stuck in traffic in this city.

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