How to make a good impression at a Job interview?

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Making a good impression at a Job interview is always a hotly debated issue. You may know or not about it but, one day you will an interview and you may ask for this question. Any question has an answer. There are several ways to make a good impression such as being on time, coming prepared, asking questions, being polite and dressing appropriately.

Being on time is vital


To begin with, the first thing you need to do to have a good impression at a Job interview is being on time. Why? Normally, your interviewer or your future boss who expects the punctuality from their staff. In case of being late, you may put yourself in a really negative situation. Because of nobody is willing to wait. So, make sure you’re always on time.

Being prepared and showing your passion to the company


Secondly, you should come prepared. Which means having a good understanding about the company and its job requirements. During the interview, the interviewer may ask you some touch or hostile question about your character, previous achievements. They are not difficult or hard to answer. But, make sure you answer it honestly and in a professional way. Being prepared and showing your passion toward the HR that you are serious.

Do you know that you can also ask questions?


Furthermore, asking questions are not only for the interviewer, you can also ask. As an interviewee, you might wonder to know your potential wage, benefits or future opportunities. They are important so why don’t you ask for. For example, my first time interview in a Danish Company, I did not ask about the salary. And then, I was disappointed. For sure, it was not a good experience. In Asia, asking questions to the interviewer during the interview is not common due to cultural norms. However, we are living in a more open society where space between countries and cultures is shortened day by day. So, you should also be open and ask whatever you think is good and necessary to your interviewer. They have a lot of experience and will not be uncomfortable by you asking.

Being polite and dressing appropriately


Finally, you should also be polite and dress appropriately as well in order to give a good impression. Nowadays, they are already standard for office worker. In my opinion, I’ve done interviews before and I always try to dress formally and being polite as much as possible. This kind of attitude will create your professional image in others’ eyes and gives you more confidence. So, make sure that your appearance is proper and also manner is important too.


All in all, I hope that those suggestions may give you some ideas about “How to make a good impression at a Job interview? Those are common ways and the simplest way which you can do to get a plus in your interview. So far, if you have done all of the things are here. I guess you have already become a member of your beloved company.


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